2021: “Sculpture in the City” Financial Times Review. Click Here to read more.

2021: “A Question of Process” Interview for The London Group. Visit http://www.thelondongroup.com to read more.

2020: Interviewed for an evening of London Group artist talks as part of the online exhibition “Isolation”. thelondongroup.com/isolation.

2020: Interviewed for Materially Speaking Podcast.

“When Almuth Tebbenhoff came to London in the late 1960s she started from scratch: learning a new language, finding a job and studying to be a potter.

A decade later, a lucky meeting with Eduardo Paolozzi gave her the chance to study at the Royal College of Art where drawing classes, lectures and conversations with other artists led her from the world of ceramics into one with a wider range of materials.”

Visit www.materiallyspeaking.com to read more.

2020: Interviewed for Arcca Magazine.

“F: Tell me about the transition from Germany to the UK at an early age.

A: I was naive and filled with excitement at the prospect of discovering another country. The practicalities emerged as I started to live in the UK without status, connections or a security blanket. I had had a secure family background on a large mixed farm in northern Germany, which made me very grounded and I was trusting by nature (that things would turn out ok).”

Visit www.arccamagazine.com to read more.

2020: Interviewed for Pangolin London’s Artist In Lockdown newsletter.

“How has lockdown affected your routine and practice?

I have my studio in my house where I can work with clay so I can make clay sculptures, maquettes and I can work on paper. I had to abandon a marble sculpture which I had started in Italy in November last year and neither can I get to the forge in East Sussex where several new steel pieces are waiting to be completed. But since most of my planned exhibitions have been cancelled there is no great urgency to make more steel pieces for the moment.”

Visit www.pangolinlondon.com to read more.